Covid-19 Procedures Regarding Consultations

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Covid-19 Procedures Regarding Consultations

As a firm we are open and, in a position, provider of legal services to you. For the protection of you and us, appointments in the office are being limited and are strictly by appointment. We have found over the last months since the pandemic started that we have been successfully able to provide our services to our clients by way of a remote platform where they do not have to come to our offices. We can have consultations by Microsoft Teams, Zoom or by telephone.

We have found over the last number of months that we can do meetings successfully without you having to come to our offices, particularly for a first meeting or for taking instructions. This saves time. It saves you having to travel to our office. At the same time equally, it limits your contacts.

If we decide in consultation with you that a face-to-face meeting is required, we will advise you that such a meeting is required but we have found, as we have stated, that most consultations are now working well. During the pandemic we have run a number of cases and claims where we have gone through the entire process from the start to the finish without the necessity of a face-to-face meeting in our offices.

At the present time we are intending, for the purposes of protecting your health and the health of those working in this office that face-to-face meetings will continue to be limited to situations where your attendance in the office is necessary for us to witness your signature to a document, to receive paperwork from us, or for you to provide paperwork to us. In limited cases where there is an issue relating to an individual not being able to do a remote consultation, we shall always consider putting in place a face-to-face meeting.

For the present we believe that face to face meetings will in the majority of cases not take place in our offices. We are extremely conscious of the fact that we are delivering services to a large number of individuals and therefore we are seeking always to keep personal contacts to a minimum for the purposes of protecting everybody’s health and safety.

We appreciate your continuing support and understanding of the procedures which we have put in place.

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