Format of Decisions

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Format of Decisions

There is an issue arising with the number of cases and we are picking out just simply one at random and that is case ADJ-00024403. In this case the Adjudication Officer awarded six weeks pay for minimum notice. There is no difficulty with that. The difficulty is that the decision is not one that sets out what the weekly pay was and nowhere in the decision is the rate of pay set out. Therefore, if it comes to the implementation of the decision an issue is going to arise as to how it can be implemented.

Where a case goes for implementation it is on the basis of the decision. If the decision does not specify the amount or within the body of the decision it is not possible to work out what the rate of pay was then in those circumstances there is going to be a question as to how such a decision can be implemented.

It would be preferable in decisions if the actual amount was specified, it would avoid confusion.

*Before acting or refraining from acting on anything in this guide, legal advice should be sought from a solicitor.

**In contentious cases, a solicitor may not charge fees or expenses as a portion or percentage of any award of settlement.

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