Parental Leave

The Parental Leave (Amendment) Act 2019 set out changes to the rules for Parental Leave.

The first set of these changes came into force in September 2019. Since 1 September 2020 further changes have been made.

These changes set out that an employee can now take 26 weeks of unpaid Parental Leave per child. Previously it was 22 weeks unpaid leave.

The leave can be taken for every child where the child is;

  1. Up to 12 years of age; or;
  2. Up to 16 years of age where the child has a disability or a long term illness; or
  3. For up to two years after the date of the Adoption Order if adopted between the ages of 10 and 12.

It should be noted that the changes mean that a parent who has used the 22 weeks unpaid Parental Leave can take a further four weeks provided that their child still falls within the age provisions set out above.

*Before acting or refraining from acting on anything in this guide, legal advice should be sought from a solicitor.

**In contentious cases, a solicitor may not charge fees or expenses as a portion or percentage of any award of settlement.

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