Bringing Claims to the Workplace Relations Commission

Bringing Claims to the Workplace Relations Commission

An issue which regularly arises, particularly with employees, is this belief that if they bring a claim to the WRC and are successful that they will receive their legal costs. That is not the position. Cases before the WRC whether the case is won or lost or not one where costs can be awarded.

This is an issue which every solicitor dealing with cases in the WRC and the Labour Court will point out to their client. It is surprising the number of clients who ultimately believe that they will receive their costs is quite staggering.

There is issues raised of fairness and equity and various other arguments brought forward as to why costs should be paid.

The position is that there is no provision to pay costs in cases before the WRC.

*Before acting or refraining from acting on anything in this guide, legal advice should be sought from a solicitor.

**In contentious cases, a solicitor may not charge fees or expenses as a portion or percentage of any award of settlement.

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