Investigating a claim for negligence

Investigating a claim for negligence

Factory accidents and accidents at work involving meat processing equipment are common. This is because of the nature of the risks with the job.  As factory accidents and meat processing injury claim Solicitors we are here to help.

Many accidents in meat factories are due to having to handle or carry excessive weight which is too heavy for you.

In some cases employees will find it is not possible for them to work as quickly as they are expected to by their employer. This can happen where they are wearing protective clothes. This can result in hand injuries from knives and other cutting implements. As factory accidents and meat processing injury claim Solicitors this is an issue we see a lot.

In many cases those working in meat processing plants do not have English as their first language. They may have been trained in certain areas of Health and Safety but because of the language differences may not have properly understood what was involved or expected, which can cause accidents to happen.

Employees are often trained and shown an ideal way of doing the work. Then the employee is expected to work at such a speed that it is not possible to work in the way they were trained. This is because targets which are set. Because of the pressure of getting the work done corners can be cut and safety polices not followed. This is often seen by managers. It is not stopped because they want to get the work done as quickly as possible.

In these types of cases the factory owners will often say that the employee was responsible for or at least contributed to the accident. When a Solicitor looks at this they will check the paperwork was in order first. It may well be. They will check that training was provided. It may well have been. We as Solicitors will look at how an employee actually worked on a normal day and how the management of the site safety was looked after. This shows that the Health and Safety procedures were not followed at times and particularly on the day that the accident happened. As factory accidents and meat processing injury claim Solicitors we are here to help.

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