Corporate Social Responsibility

It is our believe that there is a shared value approach which we should bring to our services. This is where the success of both, our business and the community in which we operate are very much connected. We believe through having responsible business practices, this helps both, our business and the community.

Charitable Giving

We have long held the believe that it is important to support charities tackling disadvantage in Ireland. We do every year make contributions to charities. In addition, our Solicitors have and will continue to provide some services to charities free of charge.


We believe that education particularly in the area of understanding issues around Employment Law and Personal Injury Law is important. We therefore publish on a monthly basis our newsletter Keeping in Touch. There is no cost to obtain a copy of our newsletter. We believe it is important to provide free information on Employment Law, and, Personal Injury Law, which are the areas we have expertise in. This is to promote greater understanding of the law.

Pro Bono Services

We firmly believe it is important to provide a portion of our time and our experience to helping individuals along with charities and other not for profit organisations who would otherwise not be in a position to obtain legal services from us particularly in the area of Employment Law. Currently we provide pro bono services as part of the Public Interest Law Alliance which is an initiative of the Free Legal Aid Centres.

This means that we provide a minimum of sixty hours free legal advice and assistance every year.