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Welcome to our Law Firm, Richard Grogan & Associates.

We are a specialist boutique law firm providing legal services in Employment Law & Personal Injury* Litigation.  We are not a full service law firm. We only provide legal services in the areas of law where we can provide best practice, expertise and experience to our clients.  Giving honest & unbiased advice in a simple & straightforward fashion without legal jargon is our trademark. This sometimes means telling clients what they need to hear and not what they want to hear.  If you want a straight talking legal team, we are the firm for you.

In 2019 we were winners of the Law Firm Innovation Award and in 2018 the Employment Law Firm of the Year Award from Irish Law Awards. In both years we were finalists in the Leinster (including Dublin) Litigation Firm of the year.


Practice Areas

Employment Law for Employers

We provide an award-winning advisory service to employers on all aspects of the employer and employee relationship.

Employment Law for Employees

We are an award winning Employment Law firm offering a broad range of legal services to employees on both contentious and non contentious employment law issues.

Executive Employees

Richard Grogan & Associates have a particular expertise in providing a bespoke legal service to executive and senior employees.



“My experience with Richard Grogan & Associates firm began and ended (successfully) over a 10 month period. They promised to do their best for me and they really delivered. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They treated me and my case with complete expertise and professionalism throughout. They explained plainly all aspects of the process to me and made sure I completely understood what to expect. They will tell you straight up if you have a case or not and in doing so will alleviate a lot of stress. I will always sing their praises and wish them the best.”

M. M.

“Many thanks to Richard and his team for all the help and wish them the very best in the future! Highly recommended.”

D. S.

“The first thing you should know about Richard Grogan and associates is that they tell you straight up if you have a case or not. They know employment law inside out and were actually recommended to me by a friend because of their excellent reputation and success rate. I went to them about an unfair dismissal case and they not only helped me with that, but went out of their way to help me in other parts of my case that I hadn't even considered. Richard is very articulate, knowledgeable and straightforward so you always know where you stand. Michelle is such a lovely person, a great listener, puts you at ease when you are nervous and has just got pure class in the courtroom. I am so happy that they helped me with my case and I will be recommending them to everyone! Thank you so much!”

T. C.

“Many thanks to Richard Grogan and Associates for all your help over the last few months.
Your efficiency and work rate is amazing and Richard had no problem given you a call at 9 o clock at night to keep you fully informed and up to date. We achieved a prompt resolution when I needed their help.
Richard Grogan & Michelle Loughnane know employment law inside out and upside down,they are a highly experienced team of Solicitors. Richard is a very straight talker, it is very important to listen to him carefully as he does not repeat himself. Best of luck in the future to Richard Grogan & Associates,They are a top class firm.”

D. L.

“A professional, highly motivated, driven, honest, methodical, niche team of lawyers. Having dealt with these legal eagles through Richard Grogan & Associates and prior to the firm opening in 2009 I cannot recommend them highly enough for any Personal injury, employment law resolution or contentious matters whether acting for the plaintiff or the defendant.
Both front of house, back office and partners of this firm are astute listeners, interested in facts not maybes or might have been. You ask a question you get a straight answer, which shows the wealth of experience this firm holds. If you don’t ask a question you get the answer anyway, because again this firm know there niche areas inside out and upside down. In fact, I think after the initial consultation Michelle and Richard play out the different scenarios by which a case will develop and get it fairly accurate every time!
While not the cheapest firm in town not the most expensive either, but, without a hesitation the best value.
I would like to wish this firm many more years of success, accolades and look forward to hearing more of Richard’s unrivalled insight to employment law during his many contributions on nation airwaves.”

T. C.

“My experience of Richard Grogan & Associates started back nearly four years ago. At the start I found Richard very difficult to deal with as he has a manner that could be misconstrued. Once I realised that Richard is rather eccentric in his approach towards his clients and that he is probably the best lawyer I have ever had represent me, I was quiet happy to sit back and follow his instructions without question. Richard knows his stuff and watching him perform in a WRC hearing was a joy to behold. To see him sit back and watch my employers representative throw everthing and the kitchen sink at me, then for Richard to speak one sentence and destroy him was fantastic. If you want a top class lawyer then look no further than Richard Grogan. I would also like to say that Michelle has also been fantastic when dealing with my workplace injury claim winning me a large sum of money that I wouldn't even have made a claim for had it not been for her advice. Finally I would also like to say how great all the other staff behind the scenes have been. Thanks again everyone and best of luck to you all.”

T. W.

“Mr. Grogan knows the employment law inside out! His knowledge and attention to detail is the best I've seen yet. He helped me to resolve the issue I had and achieve successful outcome. Highly recommend his services in case needed.”

A. J.

“I thought I would just send you a quick note to say that I enjoyed looking at your website and the various available documents which can be downloaded. I particularly like your approach in relation to fees and costs – straight talking and nice with it.”


“Excellent service, clear communication. Very clear direction and supportive in every aspect
Continuous contact throughout. Thank you Natasha and Richard you were very supportive and professional at all times and a good team of staff.”


“Many thanks to you and your team for your sincere attitude towards me and your work for me that was done at a very high professional level. The result for me was brilliant. If someone needs help from a lawyer, I highly recommend that you contact Richard Grogan & Associates Solicitors (especially to Michelle Loughnane).”

A. R.

“I have been using your site for updates on employment law for some time and it has been extremely useful for me in executing my role as “legal guru” in a HR function. I find the site very reliable.”

In house HR Consultant

“Well done on being so proactive”

SolicitorMid West

“Achieved a prompt resolution when I needed their help. Richard and Michelle know their areas of law and highly experienced practitioners. Highly recommend.”

A. W.

“I admire the valuable information that you share here.”

VAT Officer Revenue Commissioners

“Great resource”

Mark EiffeLegal Counsel at SOS-ventures Investments

“Excellent News Richard”

Shane DempseyMediator

“Your insights are brilliant to read. I have some expertise in the employment field but I must say that I have often read your information before I make a judgement myself. You have a great way of assessing information. Moreover, it is very helpful and altruistic of you to provide such expert information in order to assist and help others. That is very much appreciated.”

Sinead Ni TreabhairCitizens Information

“Just wanted to say you helped me greatly over the last year with your updates and information.”


“I am very satisfied with my lawyer, Michelle Loughnane. She was well informed and smart. She was also helpful and kind. I would recommend her! Michelle was professional and efficient.”


“Iesaku visiem nelaimē nonakusajam. Ļoti augsta kvalitāte un sirsnība.”


“Mr Grogan is confident and straight talking. He has great knowledge of employment law and he is expert in rules and directives that regulates HGV drivers. He was very helpful and supportive.
Thank you very much.”


“Highly recommended all Grogans Solicitor & Associates especially Michelle Laughnane. She is very professional, helpful and patient. Once again big thank you!!!”


“I want to say thank you for Mister Grogan for his professional help, Andrew also help me a lot they have the best customer service as well I will recommend to everyone this professional team thankyou guys wish you all the best”


“Richard & Natasha were extremely knowledgeable & immediately filled me with confidence & put me at ease. They were very efficient & in turn my case was resolved promptly, with a very satisfactory outcome. I would highly recommended this law firm.”


“I would like to thank Michelle and Richard for their services and help with my injury and employment case. They were very professional and helpful making us feel comfortable throughout the process. They were not afraid of taking on my case against a big airline and managed to get to a very satisfactory outcome. I always knew what to expect next in every stage of the case. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others. Thanks Michelle and Richard.


“A very knowledge man who is straight to the point and tells you it as it is. He knows employment law so well and will give you great guidance and advice. Often it may not be the advice you want to hear but you know it's the right advice when you think about it. Would definitely recommend him highly”

W. B.

“Highly recommend Natasha on the very thorough work she did on my case. Fought tooth and nail came up with a win in a very difficult work place case. Along with the very straight forward Mr Grogan who will be 100% brutally honest with you, a very knowledgeable man who will not mess you around and tell you straight if you have a case or not.
I can not thank them enough.
Would recommend them 110%”

R. M.

“Probably most professional Solicitors I have met in my life. Very polite, kind, and will give best services for client. Glad to meet them and apriaciate all they done for me. Highly recommend!”

V. C.

“Very professional and competent team. Helped in difficult and stressful situation, explained all the steps, which made the process easier. I highly recommend this fantastic team for legal advise. I wish them all the best for their success.”

V. R.

“I suddenly needed employment law advice and was given Richards name as a recommendation. Richard was professional, forthright and resolved my issue very much to my satisfaction”

R. D.

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