Privacy Policy

Who we are?

We are Richard Grogan & Associates of 9 Herbert Place, Dublin 2. You can contact us at this address or by e-mail at

This Privacy Notice explains how and why we process personal data that we obtain from what is provided to us by clients and /or potential clients, as part of our business operations, via our website.

Our Data Protection representative is Richard Grogan at


Why we process your data, the lawful basis for processing your data and who we share it with?

  1. For people who view and interact with our website, we process data;
  • To respond to your query when sent through our contact form.
  • To sign up to our newsletter when you request subscription through our website.
  • To advise you on any legal issues where we provided services.


  1. The personal data we process when you visit our website is;
  • The name of the domain and host from which you have accessed the internet.
  • The internet protocol (IP) address of the computer which you are using.
  • The browser software and the operating system you are using.
  • The date and time which you are accessing the website.


  1. For potential clients, we process data;
  • In order to promote and market the services of our firm.
  • To provide you with legal updates and newsletter to which you have subscripted.
  • Developing and maintaining relationship with business contacts and our clients.
  • Monitoring and analysing your reception of, and interest in, material we sent you.


  1. The legal basis for which we process your personal data are our legitimate interest in:
  • Providing you with access to our website and enabling you to use it.
  • Conducting and ministrative and operational processes within our business.
  • Protecting the security and integrity of our online platforms, IT systems and other systems.
  • Providing, improving, monitoring and testing the effectiveness of our website.
  • Ensuring the content on website is presented in an effective, accessible and user- friendly.
  • Monitoring metrics such as numbers of visitors, traffic data and demographic patterns.

We share this data with our website and management system providers. They may only process this data for the purposes of providing us with their services, and no other purpose.

We do not share information such as your name and e-mail address with any service provider when sending out our newsletter as our newsletters are send out by us directly. However, your name and e-mail address will be shared with staff in this office to facilitate sending the newsletter. At any stage you can request to unsubscribe to our communication of our newsletter by simply contacting us at

We do not send you e-mail through any service provider.

We will retain this data for legally require purposes for periods of time as per our retention policy. In respect of any client, we must retain personal information for a period of 7 years after any case, in which a client is involved within this office, has completed or in respect of any person or entity in respect of whom, this office has represented a client against them.



We may collect, process and disclose personal data relating to clients and counterparties and their personnel in the following circumstances:

  • For the legitimate interest of the provision of legal services including instructing and liaising with Counsel and other professional service provides in relation to matters that we are handling, or, because we need to liaise with a counterparty on a matter in which we are instructed.
  • To collect our fees and costs.
  • In providing information on our services and legal updates which we consider maybe relevant to clients.
  • Inviting clients to events.
  • Identifying where we may make improvements in service delivery.
  • In order to comply with our obligations to check the identity of clients in compliance with Anti Money Laundering Law and Regulations.
  • Where required by our insurers or other regulatory authorities including the Law Society or Ireland, the Revenue Commissioner and the Legal Services Regulatory Authority. If you require further information, please contact us.


Business Contacts

Personal data such name, e-mail address, job title, telephone number, areas of business, job role, jurisdiction, language, seniority and other business contact information may be required for the administration and operation of our legal services when:

  • We make contact details available to our personnel.
  • We perform analytics such as trends, uptake and progress.

Personal data is retained for the length of the business relationship and 7 years thereafter where services have been provided.

If a business contact request to be forgotten, their contact details will be deleted. If a business contact op out of receiving marketing material there detailed, will still be retained (as we may still be in contact, but marketing material will no longer be sent to them).





Suppliers by clicking “accept all cookies”, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyse site usage and assist in our marketing efforts.

  • Cookie Policy

Personal data, including name, e-mail address, telephone number and other business contact information is collected.

  • To receive services from our supplier – we will use and disclose personal data in such manner as may be reasonably necessary to receive and review the provision of those services from suppliers.
  • To provide services to clients – if a supplier is assisting us in delivering services to our client, we will process personal data to manage that relationship.
  • To agree payment arrangements with our suppliers and to make payment to them.

Our legal basis for such processing is the performance of the supplier contract.

A general retention period of 8 years (after the supplier relationship ends) will be applied, unless there are legal and / or regulatory exceptions which require documentation to be held for longer period. If you require further information please contact us.

  • Website

Personal data would be collected from visitors to our website such as the time and date of your visit, the pages you visited and your physical location when visiting them, and any other more specific details like your IP address, the links you click and the route you take through the website, and your information if you report a problem with our website. This is our legitimate interest to improve our web offering an enhance your online visit to us.

Personal data will also be collected if you sign up to attend any of our events and / or to receive our marketing literature via our website. You can specify your contact preference when registering online to receive communications from us for example through or by advising us of your contact preference using options provided on all our marketing e-mail or the contact details as below. You can always unsubscribe by simply e-mailing us at

We share this data with our client relationship and eMarketing management system provided. They may process this data only for the purposes of providing us with their services.

We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small files which are stored on the computer. They designed to hold a small amount of data specific to a user and website and they help us to deliver content tailored to particular user, see Cookies Policy.


Experts / Consultants

Personal data, including name, e-mail address, telephone number and other business contact information, is collected for consultants, experts and other third parties to provide services to clients. If an experts witnesses assisting us in deliver services to our clients, we will process personal data to manage this relationship. Personal data including professional curriculum vitae is also processed in order to assist clients in appointing individuals of necessary expertise. Personal data of expert witnesses is retained for as long as the experts / consultant is providing services to us or our clients. Professional appointments been non Richard Grogan & Associates recruitment CV’S are retained for three years.


Solicitors / Counsel

We correspond with other Solicitors and Barristers in relation to client matter and share that personal data with our personnel. We may also send e-mails through our e-mail service provider and retain contact information in our customer relationship tool. The retention period for client files are set out above.




Personal data in relation to employee to be held on various internal systems and applications. A privacy notice which sets out the purposes for which personal data will be processed and contained information on data subject right is provided to employee. Our legal basis for such processing concerns the performance of the employer / employee contractual relationship. If further information is required, please contact us.


Links to third party website

Our website may contain links to other websites. Richard Grogan & Associates is not responsible for the privacy practises or the contents of such websites. If you link to or visit another website, please review the privacy statement for that website.


Security of our data

We use industry standards security measures to protect your information and to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of any information in our control. All personnel are subject to strict confidentiality obligations. However, as effective as modern security practises are, no security system is entirely secure and we cannot guarantee the security of your information.


Transfer of personal data to non-EEA countries

We will only transfer your personal data to countries which are recognised as providing an adequate level of legal protection of where we can be satisfied that alternative arrangements are in place to protect your privacy rights. This may be because you have instructed us or where we entered into standard European Commission approved data protection contract. Remote access to our system is on authorised devices only and appropriate technical safeguards are applied to protect personal data.



Your rights in relation to your personal data

Under certain circumstances, you may:

  • Request access to copies of the personal data we hold about you, further information in relation to its processing or else request the such information be supplemented, updated or rectified.
  • Request erasure, an anonymisation or blocking of your personal data that is processed in breach of the law.
  • Object on legitimate grounds to the processing of your personal data. In such circumstances, we may not be able to stop using your personal data; if that is a case, we will let you now why.
  • Withdrawn your consent – where personal data is processed on a basis of consent you may withdraw consent at any time. This does not affect the lawfulness of processing which took place prior to its withdrawn. In the event that you no longer want to receive any marketing material form us, please e-mail us at or contact us on 01-9695781.

To exercise such rights other than withdraw from marketing e-mails please contact You may lodge a complaint with the Irish Data Protection Commission.


Our newsletter

Our newsletter issues normally on monthly basis. It includes reviews of cases which are published and are in the public domain. In such circumstances our newsletter may disclose the name, address or description of a person or entity. We only disclose information which is the public domain and any comment will always be only legitimate comment in relation to the case. This is a legitimate business purpose of this firm.


Requirement to process personal data

You may browse our website without providing us with any personal data and this will not affect your ability to view our website. If you do not provide us with your information for the purposes described above, we cannot send you our newsletter, respond to your queries sent through our contact us form or liaise with you on matters or asses your suitability for a role within our firm.


Personal data which you provide to us

It is your responsibility to ensure that all personal data you provide to us is complete, accurate and up to date in all respects. Our ability to provide our advices and services, and the quality thereof may be negatively affected if you fail to do so.

You may provide personal data about yourself or about another individual to us during the course of our dealings with you. Whenever you provide us with personal data about another person, you must ensure that you are entitled to disclose the personal data relating to that other person to us and that we may process that personal data in accordance with its privacy notice without having to take any further steps. It is your responsibility to ensure that the person concerned is aware of the contents of this privacy notice. This does not of course apply in the event that you are providing us with names of witnesses or as part of any case or claim which you would have.


All the major decision making and profiling

We do not use any personal data for the purpose of automated decisions-making or profiling.


Richard Grogan & Associates

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